Becoming A Member of Christians At Work

CaW Supporting Individuals
The workplace is a crucial context for Christian ministry and witness. Thousands of Christians are strategically placed to bear witness to the transforming power of the gospel in their everyday working lives. However, most Christians would agree that being a Christian in the workplace is not easy. Christians in the workplace very often:
  • Feel a sense of isolation
  • Struggle to live out their Christian lives with consistency and integrity
  • Find it hard to build up healthy relationships with their non-Christian co-workers
  • Find themselves under pressure to conform to unchristian workplace ethics and attitudes
  • Experience difficulty in responding to ethical conflicts at work
  • Feel unsupported by their local church leaders
Therefore, Christians at Work (CaW) aims to support individuals in their workplace ministry especially by become a member of Christians at Work.

Individuals Supporting CaW
CaW relies on the support of individual Christians, both in terms of prayer and finance giving, in order to fulfil its aims. We need to have a strong support base if we are going to maintain our current services and resources, as well as developing new strategies for encouraging, supporting, and equipping workplace ministry and witness.
Becoming a member allows individuals to practically express their support for the vision and ministry of CaW.

Becoming a Member
Becoming a member means:
  • Free copies of all resources produced by CaW
  • Free copies of Networking E-Bulletin our weekly Newsletter giving you CaW news, information and prayer requests
  • A contact list of all other Associates in order to facilitate possible link-up for mutual support
  • An updated list of resources from other organisations which may help you in your workplace ministry and witness
  • Being able to participate at the AGM at the CaW Annual Conference
Becoming a member means that you become a part of this fellowship. It means committing yourself to others and to the wider ministry of CaW, through your prayers, financial support, and other practical help which you may be able to give.

What if you are a Member of an affiliated Workplace Christian Fellowship Group?
Being a member of an affiliated Christian Fellowship Group does not mean that you are automatically a member of Christians at Work or have any rights of membership. However, it is simple to become a part of this larger fellowship, since we do not have a fixed fee for joining CaW, all we ask is that you are able to sign our simple statement of Faith and regularly pray for us.

What if you are Retired?
If you are retired we would be delighted to welcome you as a member.

What is the Cost of Joining?
We would like to emphasise that there is no fixed subscription. For those who find a guideline helpful, the total cost of running Christians at Work amounts to approximately £40 per member. However do not allow your inability to pay hinder your decision to join us, your prayers are in fact more valuable than anything that you can give us.
If you wish to join as a member please download and fill in the Application Form.